Q: How do I lubricate the ZipDry closure and what products should I use?
A: Watershed recommends that you keep the tracks of the ZipDry closure lubricated every couple months (or sooner if used frequently or in arid, hot climates) with 303 Protectant (sold on our website).

Q: How do I store my Watershed bag?
A: Store your Watershed bag with the ZipDry closed to prolong the life and amount of time needed for lubrication treatments. If your bag has had contact with sand or dirt, use an old toothbrush to clean the ZipDry closure to ensure there is no debris in the tracks prior to storage.

Q: What is the best way to open my Watershed bag?
A: All of our drybags come with printed instructions on how best to open and close your bag, but we also have this video for those looking for more information.

Q: What is the best way to close my Watershed bag?
A: Snap seal shut at one end. Working towards the opposite end, snap seal together with your first three fingers and thumbs of both hands. Leave two inches open at the end to either bleed out excess air or to inflate bag and give it buoyancy. Snap last corner shut. Squeeze bag as hard as you can. If no air leaks, bag is ready for submersion.

Q: Where can I purchase Watershed bags?
A: Watershed has an extensive dealer network, use our Dealer Locator to find one near you! We also sell all of our products online, in case there is no dealer located nearby or it is more convenient for you to shop online. Please note that some of our bags are online exclusives and are not available in retail locations.

Q: Are your bags submersible?
A: Watershed ZipDry Waterproof bags have been tested down to 300 feet and are proven to be dry!

Q: What are your bags made out of?
A: Watershed bags are made of Kryptothane® Fabric, a 840-denier nylon packcloth coated in layers with polyurethane. Our fabric is flexible in cold weather, UV stable and more environmentally friendly that the PVC fabric used in the majority of “dry” bags in the market. Learn more about Watershed’s Technology here.

Q: What should I do if my bag is damaged?
A: Please email Watershed Customer Service at [email protected]. We also have instructions on our website about Warranty, Returns, and Repair information.

Q: When will my online order arrive?
A: Please refer to your order confirmation email (Don’t see it? Check your spam folder!) and our Shipping Policy for more information.

Q: How should I clean the interior of my bag should it get dirty?
A: We generally recommend putting some warm water with a drip or two of Dawn dish detergent in the empty bag. Then, seal the bag and shake it with the water inside. Afterwards, open the bag, dump the water and repeat with fresh water a few times to rinse. Leave the bag open until it’s dry.

Q: What is the inflate/purge valve?
A: The inflate/purge valve allows you to add or reduce air from the bag, while it is still airtight. So you can seal the bag and then blow into the valve to increase air (so it would float) or push the bag to decrease the air (so it would take up less room). It comes stock on all military bags, but is an optional add on for recreational outdoor bags.