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The Watershed Colorado duffel is as popular for long-term river tripping as the river it is named after. Used by raft guides around the globe, the Colorado will carry enough gear for one person on a multi day expedition. This bag works equally well as a cartop or pickup bed waterproof bag to provide extra gear storage on road trips. It also works as a storage bag for wet, muddy gear such as waders or drysuits.
  • Rugged carrying handles
  • Several hard lash points
  • Multiple compression straps



Dimensions Rolled 14″ Height x 32.5″ Width x 13.5″ Depth
Capacity Rolled 4608 cu in (75.5L)
Closure Type ZipDry®
Opening Size 28 in
Weight 2.95 lbs

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  1. Jerry Hadam

    I can’t believe there is not a review here already. These bags are the bomb. Bought it for my wife and then I keep ‘borrowing’ it back, because they are are awesome. So much easier to lash on and it stays where it needs to be. Be prepared to 303 the closure once in a while and it works great and easy too. The Colorado is just the right size for me. Super easy to find what you need. I will buy this again for my kids as they grow into rafting.

  2. Ryan McNeal

    Saw one of these bags driven over by the double-rear tires on a school bus and survive. After a great day of rafting the guides were waiting for the company schoolie to load rafts and gear. The driver backed over a fully loaded, sealed and clipped Watershed bag. With both back tires on the bag the seal burst with a loud ‘pop’, the bag was undamaged as were the guides gear inside. After some serious inspection of the bag and contents we all had a laugh, the guide resealed the bag and we carried on. I can’t imagine a better endorsement for how bomb proof these bags are.

  3. William K. (verified owner)

    Last November I was invited on a veteran rafting trip. I called up Watershed and they took care of me with the Colorado bag. For a five day trip I had plenty of room with the one bag. On several days it was a torrential down pour on the Rogue river. All the gear stored in the Colorado stayed bone dry.

    I like the design, when I had to get into the bag it was easy to find what I was looking for and I didn’t have to take everything out in the rain. I left the bag with the guide as a tip for a job well done.

    I will be purchasing a couple more Watershed bags in the future for my own use. I wish I could express what it means to be able to be on the river as a veteran with PTSD. there is just simply not enough space on this form. Thank you Watershed for supporting veterans!

  4. Ashley (verified owner)

  5. Morgan L. (verified owner)

    Perfect for this Grand Canyon river guide! Whether I’m on a motor trip or oar trip, it’s the exact size to accomodate nearly everything I need. I love the duffel style: it’s so much easier than my old bills bag to organize and find stuff.

  6. Nathan B. (verified owner)

    These are the best dry bags on the market. Have used extensively on the river as well as for remote wildfire assignments. The bag has held up to any abuse thrown it’s way. Highly recommend.

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