Salmon Stowfloat™

Salmon Stowfloat™

Stowage…and flotation – the name says it all. Float bags provide kayakers with ease of rescue if they swim, and ours give paddlers the added benefit of a place to keep dry gear. The Salmon is made to fit in a wide range of boats, but was designed for a self-support winter Grand Canyon trip using the Liquid Logic XP 10. The Salmon is wider and shorter than the Futa, with a larger opening and more volume.
  • Inflate/deflate tube for easy buoyancy control
  • Compression strap over the top for custom sizing
  • Designed for wider, stouter kayaks to maximize all available storage space
  • Available Colors: Blue and Orange


Dimensions Rolled 22″ Height x 23.5″ Width x 8″ Depth (Tapers to 23.5″ x 9.25″)
Capacity Rolled 1408 cu in (23L)
Closure Type ZipDry®
Opening Size 21 in
Weight 1.8 lbs


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  1. Jeanne V.

    This bag only works if you do not have a center beam in your kayak. I love Watershed Bags – I own 3. This one is very specific to the boat design. It doesn’t hold much gear once folded.

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