Natalie DeRatt

Preppers: Must Have Gear, Tips and Tricks

We’re sure that by now, you’ve probably noticed the hoards of people flooding the grocery stores for toilet paper, eggs and pasta. Although stores are gradually catching up, and hoarders are gradually slowing down, there’s one group of people who...
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5 Friends, 5 Days, & 166.5 Miles – Green River To Hite

The idea had been rolling around my head for a couple years now. It’s pretty simple and has been done countless times through the ages by all sorts of river runners in various crafts. Paddle from Green River, Utah down to the confluence of the Colorado and through Cataract Canyon into Lake Powell.

2020 Team Watershed Applications!

It’s time! It’s time to pick our brand spanking new set of Team Watershed Brand Ambassadors for 2020!  The full list of Team Watershed duties are below (spoiler alert – they’re easy and you’ll love them) – but the most important things to...
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The Quiet In These Turns

By Tara Kramer, We wake in the fog in our solo tent, the two of us tucked together. Under one sleeping bag, sticking to the damp nylon walls, on two three-quarter length Thermarests. It’s wet in this valley. It’s the...
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