5 Stunning Places to Paddle During Winter

Spring may be around the corner, but we’ve still got a hearty stretch of cold weather to bear through before we can comfortably roll the sleeves up. That said, you know over here, we’re all season paddlers. If you’re in...
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2021 Whitewater Highlights

Another year flies by like the unending roar of vicious ivory froth crashing and eroding at the earth beneath. Whether you’re plummeting off a 30 foot fall into billowing foam below, or having a chill paddle along the river with...
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14 More of Our Favorite Paddling Quotes

Our 13 Inspirational Paddling Quotes has always been a fan favorite. It’s no surprise, really. Who doesn’t love a good mantra to bring you closer to that feeling of being out there, floating without a care in the world? Or...
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4 Paddling Podcasts We Love

We’ve all got our own fun, exciting stories and mishaps from times we were paddling or boating. Some of the best times of camaraderie are sitting around the campfire and rehashing all the hilarious — sometimes intense — tales. That’s...
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