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Advice for the Beginner Fisherman/woman

The Team Watershed Crew is comprised of fishermen, fisherwomen, kayakers, raft guides, hunters, cyclists and all-around adventure-seekers. With a love for the outdoors we are thrilled to have an awesome social media community that shares a passion for adventure too. Whether you are just starting to explore the nature around you or you are trying a new outdoor sport, the online adventure community is a strong one with an abundance of information to get you going!

We asked some of our followers and fans for some advice for those starting out in the fishing community and the responses were great! Here are their top tips:


Women with a fishing pole in the water with a Watershed Drybag on her hip

📸 @laurelmonaghan

What advice would you give a beginner fisherman/women?

Dustin Paul: “Have fun!”

Chris Funk: “Slow down and enjoy the experience, sometimes the best “catches” of the day don’t have fins!”

Mary Cedar: “Don’t let your boyfriend teach you”

Chad Adams: “Patience & Persistence pay dividends!”

Teresa Ann: “When you take a picture of you, and your fish hold the fish way out in front of you. 🤗 it always looks way bigger that way😎”

Gregory Dewees: “Be careful not to give the person behind a fly earring. Looks purty, gets a frown.”

Patrick Brunson: “It’s called “fishing,” not “catching.” So, enjoy the fishing. The catching is just gravy.”

Clay Wright: “Enjoy being at the river”

Justin Smith: “I always tell Friends new to fly fishing to go out and tear up some bream just to get on fish and have fun”

Brent Cooper: “Smile, be sensitive to your natural surroundings and seal the deal to protect your valuables.”

Curtis Kitchens: “In moving water, fish upstream and always carry an extra rig.”

Jason Walker: “First, hit the field. Pick up and lay-down casts with 7-10m of line until you’re bored silly – don’t bother casting more than that length, ever.

Second, hire a good local guide for the day and bring a notepad!!

Third, know your local waterways. Each one will have small nuances, but a lot of things in common.”

Robert Drago: “Slow down, count to ten, recast…”

Brian Sutphin: “Take the time to take in the whole experience! Enjoy the moment!”

@Chrisnavarretekayak “Patience is key”

@Ashevilledrifters “Hire a guide to teach the fundamentals!”

@jessicasuvak “Take all the classes you can. Tons of companies such as Orvis offers amazing beginners classes and most are free! Also get out there and practice. Even if you’re not catching anything throwing that line around and practicing is key. Plus, most everyone is crazy helpful don’t hesitate to ask questions. Most all local fishing shops would rather answer your questions then fold clothing and restock merchandise in shops hahaha”

@andy___bates “For fly fishing, Take your time learn the fundamentals, have fun, and remember everyone’s style of casting is slightly different, own your style!👊🏼🤙🏼”

Thanks so much to our awesome community of adventure enthusiasts!

Women fishing in the water with a Watershed Drybag Goforth on her hip

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What do you have to add?? Comment below!