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Team Watershed Members Aniol and Gerd Serrasolses Launch the SBP Program

Watershed Drybags could not be more excited to collaborate with the newly created SBP Program started by the Serrasolses brothers. With an aim at education and a love for the outdoors, Team Watershed Members Aniol and Gerd Serrasolses recently launched their own teaching development program – the SBP program – directed at kids with talent and motivation, but little means to paddle. The initiative was born out of their desire to give back through an educational program that supports the sustainable development of the international whitewater community. We teamed up with the brothers to support these young kids with new kayak bags for each one to help keep their gear dry along the way!

Helping kids find their true passion and building teamwork along the way, the SBP Program was a great sucsess. Check out the full video at the end of this page to catch a glimpse into this fun program.

“We feel really identified with these kids because we share a similar story: a humble background and a huge drive to go kayaking. It was so significant to give them a chance! They really valued the opportunity and took advantage of every minute in the water. They have potential to become great whitewater kayakers and river keepers.” – Aniol Serrasolses

The program started on the Espolon River where we had the perfect scenario to practice basic whitewater techniques right next to town. We then did double kayaks and rafting on the Bridge-to-Bridge section so the kids could get a first taste on the Futaleufu River before paddling the Macal section on their own. We also had river conservation hydrology talks and practiced a bunch of swimming and rope rescue. The last two days were held during the Futa XL were they participated in Sprint, Downriver, Slalom and Boater X races. The main goal of the program was to teach them how much fun and life changing kayaking can be and the importance of maintaining free flowing rivers.” – Gerd Serrasolses

“Enjoy kayaking, all of it. Sometimes it’s too easy to forget why do we kayak: we kayak because its fun, because it fulfills us and makes us happy, we need kayaking to live a full life. This is what we have to remember on a bad day after messing up a rapid, when competitions don’t go well, when it’s low and cold outside… Our goal is to kayak until we are old and the best way to do so is to enjoy every aspect of kayaking day after day.” – Gerd Serrasolses

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