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4 Paddling Podcasts We Love

We’ve all got our own fun, exciting stories and mishaps from times we were paddling or boating. Some of the best times of camaraderie are sitting around the campfire and rehashing all the hilarious — sometimes intense — tales. That’s why we also can’t get enough of the many awesome podcasts out there that talk about paddling, boats and all things being-on-the-water. They’re a great listen for killing time on a long drive to the lake, or just for listening to some fun, like-minded people chop it up.

Next time you’re out for a leisurely paddle, or on the epic roadtrip to the put in, try one of these four favorites to get hyped.

Photo Credit: Paddling Adventures Radio

Paddling Adventures Radio 


This weekly podcast covers every aspect of canoes, kayaks, rafting and SUPs. It’s the best place to keep up with the latest for all things paddling, from community news and events to tips, tricks and stories. 

The show is hosted by Sean Rowley, an experienced outdoorsman who’s seen the majority of what Canada has to offer for paddlers and journeymen alike. With a passion for photography, camping and paddling, Sean’s been canoe tripping for over 25 years. He loves learning new things and testing new gear – he then aptly reports his findings to listeners. Co-Hosting is Derek Specht, another Canadian outdoorsman taking Ontario outdoors by the horns. 

The podcast is one of the more informative ones out there with their in depth gear reviews and commentary. They’re sure to steer you in the right direction towards some quality paddling outdoor equipment, and will always have a good topic to shed light on. 

The show premieres one episode a week with a run time of approximately 70 minutes. 



Photo Credit: KayakFishingRadio



This one is for the diehard anglers out there – bringing together the community of kayak fishers across the country supporting different kayak fishing guides and forums. 

The podcast really knows how to keep things fresh, with a new host every episode and a wealth of callers into the show who are known figures in the paddling industry, such as: Rob Choi, Dee Kaminski, Kayak Kevin and many more. The episodes are additionally all available for download if you happen to miss one! The podcast goes live at 8 P.M. EST and runs from 30 minutes to an hour. 

They truly cover everything on the spectrum, from equipment, fishing reports in different regions, freshwater, rigging and more. You can also call the show and chat live to ask questions, or make a contribution. 

Overall, this is a wonderful program with tons of meaningful and fun commentary for kayakers and fishers alike, from beginner to advanced. 




Photo Credit: Yaktactics


This angler-centric podcast features a similar spirit to the previous recommendation but dives deeper into the knitty gritty of gear, species of fish and tactics. 

Hosts Dean Limb and Chris Sartain are lifelong fishermen with rich backgrounds on the water. Dean, a Navy veteran (maybe he can vouch for our drybags?) retains his passion for fishing communities and learning new things and hopes to spread it to others. Chris is an experienced multispecies fisherman but living near the California Delta certainly gives him an edge with Bass. 

The podcast is tailored to anglers at or above intermediate level and shares really interesting insights, anecdotes and information that’s sure to spark similar conversations with your angler crew. 




Photo Credit: Kayak Mainline Podcast

Kayak Mainline 

Pertaining specifically to Sea Kayak related endeavors, this show rounds up all the informative and even strange news from the sea kayaking community. It features question and answer sessions as well as interviews from established figures and experts in various fields of kayaking – suppliers, manufacturers, instructors, you name it. 

The hosts Kelly Blades and David Johnston deliver the news and talks in a fun and lighthearted manner. From the guests they have onboard to the wisecrack takes on any given subject, you really feel like you’re listening to some heartful banter from two good friends and even better paddlers. Sea kayaking can be daunting in its own right, so its nice to have a couple fellow paddlers like Kelly and David to lighten the mood and remind us to just have fun out there, while giving us great advice and conversation.

While the show has stopped airing, the content is timeless and surely tackles plenty of critical and engaging topics that’s sure to keep you hooked while you do dishes, go for a drive, etc.